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“Mind blowing – worth it – great resources to take home. I came because it was required, but I’m so glad it was.  I hope my employer will put the whole sales team through the training.”

“I came in skeptical and unsure of investment of my time, but walked away inspired, motivated + eager to get my other teammates on board.”

“Awesome!  Very beneficial to new salespeople and veterans.  Well worth the time and investment.”

“I found the course very helpful, entertaining, and educational.  I am going to recommend the rest of my staff to take it.”

“I truly believe this will help myself and my staff increase sales three-fold immediately and increase as we become more proficient with the concept.”

“The tools discussed can be customized to suit almost any part of industry.”

“This course was great.  Very thought provoking and I should be able to sell more effectively in the future.”

“The non-utility cost financial benefit is an excellent tool that adds immediate value to the proposal.”

“Awesome.  Changed my mind on everything.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleased with all the offered resources.”

“This was a very informative class that can be used daily.”

“Breadth of information and real-life applications.”

“I see this course as a huge value to our sales force.”

“This course resulted in a total paradigm shift in my sales strategy.”

“I came into this training expecting another dry speaker and a long 2 days.  I was pleasantly surprised to be educated by Mark Jewell on things like, “Have an elevator pitch” and “Have a one-page proposal.”  These ideas will be packed in my tool belt when I leave today.”

“This course has opened my eyes to things I didn’t know I was doing wrong.”

“Recommended course to VP before leaving the event!”

“Fantastic content! Must-have information.”

“Phenomenal depth of knowledge delivered in an engaging and fun manner.”

“This is the best training program I have been to.”

“Outrageously beneficial for anyone in our industry!”

“Excellent!  Well presented, very well worth the time invested to attend.  This course should be part of core curriculum for all newbies.  Great refresher as well as added content for veteran sales people.”

“Game changing.”

“Very informative course.  Shows how to simplify things.”

“Great class, needed it 15 years ago.”

“I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learn and want to learn more!”

“I’m new to sales and I have gained a wealth of knowledge in just one business day.”

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