"I really enjoyed the breakdown of the one-page proposal - this was huge!"

jennifer miholen
Jennifer Miholen
Smart Sustainability Consulting LLC

"I cannot wait to tell you about all the success I'm about to have in selling energy efficiency. Thank you so much!"

jake millan
Jake Millan

"The useful information from Mark's course has been non-stop. Prior to this course I had been planning on retiring; now I am in meetings three times a day and have invoices for over $1.7 million in projects! My first project after the ESP Boot Camp sold for $21,000, and now I'm so busy I can barely leave the house! I am very grateful to Mark and the EEFG Team for their invaluable program."

randy steiner
Randy Steiner
Sustainable Energy LLC

“Without question the most life-changing professional seminar/workshop series I've ever attended. The continuing Ninja Networking is incredibly useful and most appreciated. Mark’s ability to engage, encourage and excite us with his visions, views and experienced abilities is awe-inspiring."

wayne longdon
Wayne Longdon
Green Home Services

“What does a guru look like? Show a picture of Mark Jewell. See Maven of Energy Efficiency, a Renaissance Man. You guys own it. Mahalo.”

keith rose
Keith Rose

“I believe I learned more today than in some college courses. Mark is more charismatic than most college professors, with real-world experiences.”

johanna stutz
Johanna Stutz
Energy Liberty Corporation

“I am starting to believe that I can be successful in sales. I love Mark's approach. I am so much better than I was before I attended Mark's class. Mark has helped me expand myself to be a more positive member of this society. Mahalo.”

rob kinslow
Rob Kinslow
Hawaii Interfaith Power and Light

“Acknowledge amid yourselves that Mark is a motivational speaker disguised as an educator. I am so genuinely grateful for the impact that I see you having on the coworkers I've brought to the class. The industry will undoubtedly grow as a product of your effort.”

giovanni ceciro
Giovanniu Ceciro
Energy Liberty Corporation

"I love the sense of community we are developing as a group. Last night's practice on elevator pitches was fun and I learned a lot. I made a great start to my elevator pitch. Thank you!"

james kuegle
James Kuegle

“This has made, and will continue to make, a difference in my life and my business. Taking this course helped our family to continue our mission to have a green, sustainable model in our future. Thank you Mark and SDG&E for a life-changing experience!”

carlton brown
Carlton Brown

The ESP Certificate Program provides exceptional sales training for the energy efficiency and renewable energy professional. It is incredibly comprehensive, well-designed, creative, and engaging while providing ongoing support and networking opportunities to the ESP Ninja graduates. I highly recommend this program."

andrew gaines
Andrew Gaines
LDK Solar

“Mark condensed SIR, ROI, IRR, MIRR, and 'E-I-E-I-O' into something I can understand.”

mike fresh
Mike Fresh
C&C Building Automation Company

“Ninja Net is an awesome idea! This web portal will provide the ninja community valuable information that will keep us fit and interconnected.”

cp pitones
CP Pitones

"I think Mark's ability to relate and shift gears really makes the course. In addition to this, the material is very good and well-tailored."

eric bartley
Eric Bartley
Bartley Energy Inc.

"Thank you very much for sharing your time with us. All of this content is meaningful and I am confident it will result in a complete makeover, yielding tremendous success for myself and my company. I am eternally grateful to have met you!"

lia hunt
Lia Hunt
Solar Bollards, a division of Goldwings Supply Service, Inc.

"This class was very highly recommended, and so far is over-delivering."

jake millan
Jake Millan

“Mark is very knowledgeable and willing to clarify and answer any question. There are not many reasons I would live anywhere else than Hawaii, but being closer to Mark Jewell, the EEFG team and headquarters would be one of them. Truly a brilliant man and a fantastic team that impacts and empowers so many people in a beautiful way."

chuck priest
Chuck Priest
HawaiiEE LLC

“This was the most inspiring week of my life! I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to become a sales ninja before starting my sales career and doing everything wrong!”

josh dean
Josh Dean
Tomea, Inc.

“Just wanted to say this is an awesome course! I believe a small degree of change would have a great impact over time. What I got from attending this course has had a significant impact on my performance. My small change was not to worry about margin, to do the research, and to be confident that the reward will follow. This year, I am the top salesperson and proud to say I owe it to EEFG. I AM A NINJA!”

lawrence ahn
Lawrence Ahn
Carrier Hawaii

"MARK JEWELL IS FULL OF: The best new ideas in energy sales training / Innovative strategies and tactics / Excellent visual aids / Relevant stories from personal experience / Value for training dollars spent / Inspiring and motivating discussions / The ability to explain ratios and formulas in layman’s terms / Drive and spark that can actually keep your attention for a whole week (No easy feat for this ADD poster child) / The patience to answer every question in a professional manner / The ability to keep things moving along in class without distraction and long off-topic conversations."

ralph smith
Ralph Smith
Utility Savings Solutions

“Today’s modules take this industry and transform it into a profession. Thank you for helping us all be better professionals.”

johanna stutz
Johanna Stutz
Energy Liberty Corporation

"Thank you for setting the framework for my elevator pitch. I am excited to be at that place where it will roll off my tongue without my body temperature rising."

lia hunt
Lia Hunt
Solar Bollards, a division of Goldwings Supply Service, Inc.

"Awesome class! A great collection of experience and immediately relevant information on energy efficiency sales, financial analysis, proposals, and personal productivity."

christine vance
Christine Vance
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

"I appreciate all of your past guidance and I can say without a doubt that much of my own success is attributed to the lessons and strategies I learned while at the ESP Boot Camp. Thank you again and I look forward to joining another one of your classes soon."

anthony olivas
Anthony Olivas
Vert Energy Group, Inc.

"I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this course. I took 44 pages of notes and met a dozen new colleagues and contacts. The ESP course is a class act all the way from the course content to the setting and food. I can't wait to refer teams and colleagues to this very valuable and enjoyable training."

chris cavanaugh
Chris Cavanaugh
The Christopher Company

"ESP was the best training I've taken, ever.  Mark and Rachel together are truly an educational force of nature. It's not just their obvious expertise in the subject matter - sales, proposals, finance, real estate, personal organization and effectiveness, etc. - but their ability to teach it through a careful unfolding of "AHA!" moments, storytelling, graphics, TED Talks, and Mark's astonishing sense of humor.  EEFG 'gets' it - what will make us successful in moving the efficiency needle, what is worth teaching, and the science of how people learn."

patsy dugger
Patsy Dugger

"Mark and Rachel are an incredible team, completely focused and committed."

pete fletcher
Pete Fletcher
Southland Industries

"Mark's program addresses every aspect of being a successful sales professional, which really gets at being successful in life and the pursuit of goals. He digs into how your enthusiasm, presentation, and habits impact your accomplishments, as well as how those you encounter -- not just prospects, but everyone you meet -- can make a huge difference in your achievements. This was the best time spent in training, out of the multiple degrees and hundred of hours of CEUs, that I have ever done. Well worth the full cost, and then some!"

barbie beaudette
Barbie Beaudette
Sustainable Performance

"I loved the content and audience engagement; it was so refreshing to get such relevant tools and information!!"

shanah trevenna
Shanah Trevenna
Smart Sustainability Consulting LLC

"I am a front-line foreman who does job walks and job bids. This is a valuable course to enhance my sales ability. Mark is very knowledgeable in HVAC needs."

robert fore
Robert Fore
Lawson Mechanical Contractors

“Everything in this course was relevant to energy efficiency sales and having this experience with like-minded professionals is priceless!”

deanna meredith
Deanna Meredith
Radish Energy

"I cannot think of a better way to spend a full week to enhance one’s ability to sell effectively in the energy efficiency field than attending the ESP Boot Camp. The one-page proposal training in itself is worth the investment in the course."

ralph smith
Ralph Smith
Utility Savings Solutions

"I have spent 19 years designing and implementing efficiency programs for utilities, and I wish I'd had these insights years ago! A total paradigm-shifter. This class is a great investment for program managers, project managers, vendors, and anyone else who designs for or interfaces with customers and needs to understand how they really make efficiency decisions."

patsy dugger
Patsy Dugger

"This course has been an invaluable experience in driving new business as well as focusing my personal life! I am looking forward to collaborating with other ninjas in the future! Thank you so much for your time and effort. It is greatly appreciated!"

steve martelli
Steve Martelli

“I have always hated networking: hated, hated, hated it. That all changed in Mark’s seminar. I've finally admitted that I'm not only good at it, but that I love talking to new people. I think I have worked through being embarrassed about being a good schmoozer. Thank you!”

jan sachs
Jan Sachs
Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate

“Mark is very enthusiastic and inspiring. Thanks for keeping me motivated.”

freedom dennis
Freedom Dennis
Freedream Enterprises

“I feel energized and inspired to move forward into a new venture with confidence knowing that I have an immense amount of resources and support.”

catherine classen
Catherine Classen

"After attending the ESP Boot Camp in Honolulu, I've made it a point to enjoy TED Talks nightly. This really helps me to keep a positive outlook on the efficiency industry I love so much. It helps keep me focused and interested in learning. I'm really looking forward to the next ESP course in Honolulu."

justin saranillio
Justin Saranillio
Energy Industries

"I gained so much confidence by attending both the 2-day and weeklong courses taught by Mark Jewell. It has helped me to create a more focused target market, it helped me condense long, boring proposals to sexy one-page closers, and gave me the confidence to control my own meetings with C-level decision makers. This is the best opportunity a company can offer any intelligent and motivated sales professional. Thank you"

justin saranillio
Justin Saranillio
Energy Industries

“Immediately after taking the ESP program I was able to bring multiple proposals together and sell them all at once (this was for three small projects amounting to a total of $20k). I would have never known how to do that without the ESP Boot Camp. Within a few months of taking the course, I've been proposing and closing new project scopes valued at well over $50,000. My boss has since been asking me to join in on every key meeting with our clients."

will cordray
Will Corday
Water Saver Solutions, Inc.

"After learning about Mark's ""Are you okay"" technique for email responses from prospects / customers, I gave it a try. I reached out to two of my existing customers (ESCO and EC) with an email to each stating in the subject line ""Are you okay?"" and nothing in the body. Within 15 minutes (this was after numerous attempts to hear back over a two-week period) both responded. First response: ‘Thank you for asking, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I've been extremely busy. I wanted to let you know that I meant to call you back because the contract for 100 + LED exterior fixtures has been approved. I will call you next week to place the order.’ Second response: ‘Auto-reply -- sorry I am out of the office.' Within five minutes of the auto-reply, he replies personally, ‘Thank you for checking, the surgery went well. ’As a supplier of electrical products, focusing on energy efficient lighting and controls, I plan to utilize what I have been learning to help my costumer base of electrical contractors bring more value to their end user service contracts. Additionally, focusing on end users directly, I can implement all the information I have learned to see projects through my customer base. We don’t install anything, so bringing value to my customers will separate me from my reactive competition.”

andrew rexel
Andrew Rexel

“I hope to become a ninja and make Mark 'sensei' Jewell proud that the information presented helped me become a sales professional. Anytime you can keep your audience interested and interacting for a full week, it’s an extremely beneficial course.”

andrew rexel
Andrew Rexel

“This has been an inspiring week and Mark is an amazing presenter, speaker, and teacher. Rachel is such an incredible professional, astute, and knowledgeable. Together, EEFG is destined to be successful in saving our planet, one ninja at a time!”

deanna meredith
Deanna Meredith
Radish Energy

"The Efficiency Sales Professional class was the best training course that I have taken in my 20 years of working at a utility company."

andre christian
Andre Christian
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

“I presented my first Bay Efficiency Energy audit today. Halfway through our discussion the building owner stopped me to ask if he can hire me to implement all of the projects (total project cost: $47,000) . With Mark and Rachel’s help I have been able to break past the energy audit sitting on the desk; in fact, he had only read the 1-page-proposal-style executive summary and skimmed the appendices. I have learned so much from Mark and Rachel and I don't know how I can ever thank them enough.”

ty clark
Ty Clark
Bay Efficiency, LLC

"“While attending a hotel hospitality meeting, I noticed that I knew no one. Looking around I saw a group of 7 or 8 people talking. I walked up to the group, standing on the outskirts, and I listened to what they were discussing. Facing them, I asked, “Would any of you like an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas?” All conversation stopped and they turned their attention to me. I followed with, “I can save your organizations enough to pay for that vacation and make you a hero in your hotel simply by reducing your power bill.” With that said, I waited for a response. Within 15 seconds they all asked me for my card. By the time I left I had three appointments for the next week and requests for calls to discuss further business.
Presentation: 12-15 seconds. Results: priceless!” "

randy steiner
Randy Steiner
Sustainable Energy LLC

"The boot camp has been a challenging, insightful and enjoyable experience. Mark did a fantastic job of weaving together the numerous soft skills and hard numbers needed to close a successful energy efficiency contract – and peppered the presentations with relevant anecdotes from different sectors, as well as a good amount of humor. More than just sales training though, Mark also provided inspiration through his carefully chosen books, websites and TED Talks that engaged me on a higher level. In short, this weeklong training session has set me up to succeed, and it has provided me the wherewithal to check myself and strive for improvement."

brandon hayashi
Brandon Hayashi
Energy Industries

"Thank you, Mark and Rachel! I appreciate all your love, generosity, support, detailed materials and inspiration. It's another 5-star day!"

linda harris
Linda Harris
Civic Green

“I loved today’s material. I never attended business school, so the material was very helpful in knowing what is important to the different decision-makers.”

cheri flanagan
Cheri Flanagan
American Lighting Supply

"Mark is charming, full of illustrative anecdotes and a kick of humor!"

wendy miller
Wendy Miller
City College of San Francisco

“I am looking forward to stepping my game up. This was an invaluable week of instruction, and especially reflection, on how I conduct myself in this field.”

matt di cicco
Matt di Cicco

“I took two semesters of Engineering Economics and the failings of IRR were never covered. This is amazing!"

andrew chandler
Andrew Chandler
Portland Energy Conservation Inc.

“I look forward to reviewing, digesting, reading, practicing, and implementing! Thank you for your ongoing support and resources! This is an extremely important element for creating change.”

beth brummitt
Beth Brummitt
Brummitt Energy Associates

“Thanks for the great training and ideas. I am going to use what I have learned to evaluate and revamp our current sales process. I am looking forward to future Ninja Networking.”

gina conshafter
Gina Conshafter
Zytech LED US

“My ears are ringing and my mind singing again. Thank you for re-igniting my passions and helping me see my path to the future more clearly!”

wayne longdon
Wayne Longdon
Green Home Services

"Thank you Mark and Rachel. This was a phenomenal training course that I will highly recommend to anyone involved in selling energy efficiency. This came at a perfect time for me as I start my career at Ygrene. I will be using this training manual as my bible!"

Derek Reichstein
Derek Reichstein
Ygrene Energy Fund

“This is an extremely valuable course, wish I had taken it 35 years ago!”

bob alpers
Bob Alpers
C&C Building Automation

"I am not particularly finance-oriented. I have been exposed to the financial acronyms for measuring returns (SPP, ROI, IRR, etc.) but have never really grasped them. Mark was able to define all the practices and list their advantages and drawbacks such that now I can actually use them."

bob fabian
Bob Fabian

“This has been one of the rare trainings where I didn't want to miss a minute. It is packed with valuable information and anecdotes that have transformed my professional perspective and energized my career. It is so much more than a sales training!”

jesse fulton
Jesse Fulton
California Center for Sustainable Energy

“This has been one of the most effective, worthwhile training sessions I have attended, sales-oriented or otherwise. Above all, this program is filling a real void in the industry. I will be recommending everyone I know to participate. Great job, Mark and Rachel.”

gabriel ayala
Gabriel Ayala
Enovative Group, Inc.

“Mark’s enthusiasm, knowledge, passion and wit have given birth to a whole new generation of salespeople with conviction and confidence.”

valerie kosheleff
Valerie Kosheleff
Sustainability Alliance of Southern California

“I am thankful for the opportunity to take this course. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience in such a fun and entertaining way. I feel like it’s almost cheating to put all this great information to use.”

scott sand
Scott Sand
Clean & Green Alternatives