andrew rexel

Andrew Rexel

"After learning about Mark's ""Are you okay"" technique for email responses from prospects / customers, I gave it a try. I reached out to two of my existing customers (ESCO and EC) with an email to each stating in the subject line ""Are you okay?"" and nothing in the body. Within 15 minutes (this was after numerous attempts to hear back over a two-week period) both responded. First response: ‘Thank you for asking, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I've been extremely busy. I wanted to let you know that I meant to call you back because the contract for 100 + LED exterior fixtures has been approved. I will call you next week to place the order.’ Second response: ‘Auto-reply -- sorry I am out of the office.' Within five minutes of the auto-reply, he replies personally, ‘Thank you for checking, the surgery went well. ’As a supplier of electrical products, focusing on energy efficient lighting and controls, I plan to utilize what I have been learning to help my costumer base of electrical contractors bring more value to their end user service contracts. Additionally, focusing on end users directly, I can implement all the information I have learned to see projects through my customer base. We don’t install anything, so bringing value to my customers will separate me from my reactive competition.”

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