What is Selling in 6™? Our new product reimagines the traditional concept of online training. Selling in 6™ will deliver an entire week’s worth of efficiency-focused sales training workshops broken down into six-minute m-learning videos that can be experienced on a smartphone or any other internet-connected device.

Why is this needed? We listened when sales managers commiserated about the downsides of trying to get their people trained…. Lost selling time.  Too much travel.  Problems scheduling everyone to be in the same room at the same time.  All of the training venue, catering and T&E expenses.  No way to bring new hires up-to-speed with the rest of the team that was already trained. On and on…

One obvious solution to these difficulties was delivering the training online, but this made sales managers wonder if they could really trust their people to watch multi-hour online videos without being seduced into multi-tasking.  Bottom line, if they couldn’t prove their folks were watching the videos (much less understanding them), they couldn’t justify the training investment.

Problems solved! With Selling in 6™, the sales manager can assign playlists of 6-minute video titles organized by topic, then get viewing reports sent directly from our Learning Management System.  Each module ends with a question and a challenge, ensuring the viewer understands what was taught, and the answers are reported to the sales manager as well. The sales manager also gets a list of “talking points” for each lesson to enhance post-viewing discussions in sales meetings and ride-alongs.

When we test-drove our 6-minute training video concept at Lightfair in Chicago in May, feedback was very positive. In fact, our partner SnapCount has already committed to offering Selling in 6™ training videos to their lighting retrofit software users from right within the SnapCount app to maximize user convenience.

Experience has shown that keeping sales skills fresh requires frequent reinforcement of concepts learned, and a steady stream of information in a format designed to be discussed as a team can do just that. The Selling in 6™ logo emphasizes the “drip-irrigation” aspect of this training approach for this very reason.

When will Selling in 6™ be available? Mark is currently working hard in the recording studio. We expect to have our audio/video editing finished in a matter of weeks.

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