Selling Energy has reimagined sales training, making it engaging, effective, and dare we say… ENJOYABLE!

Selling in 6™ is your ticket to success!

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Selling in 6™ is comprised of concise, convenient, and trackable mobile-learning video lessons that leave no room for excuses. With editions for Commercial and Residential energy professionals, as well as Internal Champions, Selling in 6™ is truly comprehensive. You’ll learn countless insights gleaned from energy professionals with decades of sales experience involving billions of square feet of projects. Explore a few of our Selling in 6™ Edition options below.

Selling in 6™ Commercial & Industrial Edition

Selling in 6™ Residential Edition

Selling in 6™ Internal Champion Edition

Selling in 6™ Platinum and Segment Guides – BEST VALUE

Here are 6 reasons that Selling in 6™ is your ticket to success:

  1. Available any time, any place: Take your skills to the next level when and where it works best for you (and your team). No need for calendar coordination, no venue/catering/AV costs, and no lost selling time. Even “train in traffic” with the new “audio-only” option that groups six-minute lessons by topic and plays them consecutively for a longer listening period.
  2. Perfectly paced: Unlike most other online training, Selling in 6™ is delivered in manageable doses… six minutes at a time. You can focus on exactly what you want and revisit lessons when you need some extra support and motivation.
  3. Accountable: Learner engagement is guaranteed with views tracking, questions that reinforce the lessons, and a leaderboard where peers can compare their progress.
  4. Versatile: Assign particular lessons each week. Use the Selling in 6™ playlist to guide weekly sales meeting discussions or one-on-one coaching of veterans, new hires, and everyone in between. And be sure to make Selling in 6™ part of your on-boarding process so those new hires start contributing to revenues sooner.
  5. Customizable: Create custom playlists for specific audiences, like customer service or marketing folks, or even your prospects’ energy managers to help them get projects approved. Add short lessons on your own offerings as part of a custom playlist.  Custom-brand the Selling in 6™ dashboard with your logo and color scheme.
  6. Reinforced with ongoing support: In addition to the 6-minute lessons, you get the Selling in 6™ Playbook containing slides, templates, workbook exercises and more PLUS monthly coaching conference calls… a truly “blended learning” experience.

Selling in 6™ will deliver the know-how, tools, and motivation needed to attain your goals, whether you are…

  • an individual looking to turbocharge your personal success,
  • a sales manager trying to get your whole team singing from the same songbook, or
  • a manufacturer or utility company looking to boost the success of your staff, distributors, contractors, or other trading partners, realizing that the best way to prosper yourself is to prosper others!

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