Selling Energy Publications

5 Expert Tips for Closing More Retrofit Deals by Mark Jewell, for SnapCount Insights blog, July 19, 2019

Shaking the Etch-a-Sketch: Drawing a New Path to Efficiency Education for the Mass Market by Mark Jewell and Rachel Christenson, 2012 ACEEE

Winning With Efficiency in Income Property Budgets by Mark Jewell, 2003 Energy User News

Energy Managers Change the Rules by Mark Jewell, 2006 Energy & Power Management

Green Leasing from Concept to Execution by Mark Jewell, 2009 BetterBricks

Tales of Gains and Losses by Mark Jewell, 2006 Energy & Power Management

Green Building: Balancing Fact and Fiction by Mark Jewell, 2008 Real Estate Issues

Are You Asking the Right Questions by Mark Jewell, 2007, Energy & Power Management

Connecting the Dots by Mark Jewell, 2006 Energy & Power Management

Winning Strategies Need Winning Mechanisms by Mark Jewell, 2007 Energy & Power Management

Energy Efficiency Boosts Property Values by Mark Jewell, 2002 Energy User News

Bucking the Downturn by Mark Jewell, 2009 Engineered Systems

Get With The Program by Mark Jewell, 2008 Engineered Systems

Energy Efficiency Economics by Mark Jewell, 2003 HPAC Engineering

Mark Jewell is a contributing author featured in IMARK NOW, the trade publication of the IMARK Group:

Volume 9 – Number 2 – Summer 2018 – Imagine Learning to Sell More Lighting Retrofits in Six-Minute Lessons Delivered on Your Smartphone