The most successful home energy specialists employ a series of best practices, from the time they plan the appointment to the time the homeowner signs the paperwork approving the proposed solution. Most people make emotional decisions and then justify them financially. Understanding each particular homeowner’s values and decision-making process vastly increases your odds of making the sale. Without a doubt, learning how to combine technical expertise with professional selling best practices will help you get more projects approved.

Why You Absolutely Need Selling in 6™…

Imagine being able to learn how to sell energy projects more effectively simply by viewing 6-minute lessons on your smartphone, tablet or any other internet-connected device.

Format: Online, on-demand streaming.
Length: Each training video is ~6 minutes long; with 78 lessons included, the total length is equivalent to a full day of training.
Subscription-based service: Selling in 6™ is offered as a single-user, full-year subscription, providing more than enough time to view and review all lessons. Renewal is also an option.

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Selling in 6™ Residential Edition contains a total of 78 six-minute lessons – accessible via smartphone, tablet or any other Internet-connected device.  Custom viewing reports can be enabled and sent to the training sponsor on a weekly basis.

Given that adult learners benefit greatly from a “blended learning” experience, each Selling in 6™ online licensee receives additional resources to help them understand, retain, and actually apply what they view in these lessons.

Each Edition of Selling in 6™ provides…

  • Hundreds of mobile-learning 6-minute lessons, and the following bonus content…
  • NEW: An audio-only version of the lessons designed to maximize hands-free learning on the road.
  • Ongoing access to monthly Mastermind Group coaching conference calls moderated by the instructor, Mark Jewell (a $348 value)
  • An edition-specific Selling in 6™ Playbook, featuring exercises, templates and resources to support you as you view the lessons
  • An autographed hardback copy of Mark’s Wall Street Journal best-selling book Selling Energy: Inspiring Ideas That Get More Projects Approved!
  • An audiobook version of Mark’s book narrated by the author himself, accessible in our LMS along with the Selling in 6™ content

Selling in 6™ Residential Edition is $588 per single-user/full-year license and covers the following and more:

  • Reframing the benefits of efficiency to resonate with what truly excites a particular homeowner
  • Quantifying the after-tax cash returns and improved appraised values that energy upgrades can support
  • Consistently applying 12 proven principles of successful in-home selling
  • Behaving in ways that make prospects want to become a customer – effective pre-call planning, making the most of your in-home visit, generating the right proposal, and foreshadowing post-sale follow-up
  • Using concise and impactful communication throughout the sales process to capture and retain your prospect’s attention (elevator pitches, storytelling, one-page proposals, and more)
  • Employing active listening techniques, neurolinguistics programming, micro-facial expressions and body language to build rapport and deliver more effective presentations
  • Preemptive approaches to handling questions and objections
  • Motivating the homeowner to do multiple measures to enjoy greater savings, comfort and convenience
  • Designing an effective marketing plan for your business
  • Ensuring your sales and marketing efforts are properly reinforcing each other
  • Making your website, brochures, social media and email campaigns more compelling
  • Asking for referrals as a no-exceptions best practice

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