Selling in 6™ Platinum
The Platinum edition features more than 300 lessons, complete with questions and engagement challenges. The Platinum edition includes all 120 lessons from the Silver and Gold editions, plus 180 additional lessons featuring even more insights, strategies, tactics and tools you can use to become a true sales ninja in the energy space.  And the Platinum edition covers marketing as well as sales, making it even more comprehensive than Selling Energy’s weeklong Sales Professional Boot Camp™.  Purchase the Platinum edition today and you will receive the Gold edition immediately, and the remaining Platinum lessons upon their release, and the clock on your one-year Platinum license won’t start ticking until all Platinum lessons are released.  Pricing: $1,188 per person for a full year of access.

Format: Online, on-demand streaming.
Length: Each training video is ~6 minutes long; total duration depends on level selected.
Subscription-based service: Selling in 6 is offered as a single-user, full-year subscription, providing more than enough time to view and review all lessons. Renewal is also an option.

Learn more about Selling in 6™ Silver and Gold Editions here.

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Please take a moment to read this powerful endorsement of Selling in 6™ in the current issue of the IMARK Now trade magazine. For those of you new to IMARK, here are a few words describing their impact in the marketplace… IMARK Group, Inc. is a member-owned marketing group made up of over 830 independently owned electrical distributors throughout the United States. With over 18% of the US electrical distribution market, the members of IMARK Group, Inc. constitute the largest member-owned, member-governed cooperative in the US electrical industry.

Why You Absolutely Need Selling in 6™
Imagine being able to learn how to sell energy projects more effectively simply by viewing 6-minute lessons on your smartphone, tablet or any other internet-connected device.

With Selling in 6™ you gain access to hundreds of 6-minute lessons – each highlighting a single “big idea.”  Learn how to…

  • Winning by starting with “why” rather than “what,” “how,” “how much,” or “when”

  • Asking the right questions, both to establish credibility and to know what to propose

  • Focusing on genuine customer engagement and satisfaction rather than one transaction

  • Segment-specific selling with jargon, yardsticks and sound bites that capture attention

  • Knowing/selling utility-cost-financial, non-utility-cost financial, and non-financial benefits

  • Anticipating and overcoming more than 70 myths and objections that can stymie success

  • Making energy solutions attractive to owner-occupants, tenants and landlords

  • Equating savings to equivalent revenues and widgets to help prospects visualize the benefit

  • Selling to small and medium-sized businesses

  • Understanding profitability measures that attract/retain a business customer’s attention

  • Selling based on your prospect’s values rather than your offering’s features or benefits
    Escaping the price-driven sale

  • Overcoming “three-bids syndrome”

  • Developing and delivering winning elevator pitches and one-page narrative proposals

  • Migrating the discussion from “popular” to “proper” financial metrics based on the scenario

  • Developing and delivering compelling one-page financial analyses using the proper metrics

  • Properly performing financial analyses using the correct approaches, metrics and formats

  • Migrating the discussion from simple payback period to the metrics that really matter

  • Building your personal brand and determining your organization’s competitive advantage

  • Targeting your most promising markets and customers and creating customer personas

  • Understanding how to approach more than 20 key market segments

  • Making energy solutions work in landlord/tenant settings and overcoming split incentives

  • Appreciating and applying the attitudes and habits of truly successful sales professionals

  • And much more!

With 24/7/365 on-demand access, you can experience Selling in 6™ at your own pace, revisiting lessons as many times as you’d like during your annual subscription period.

With Selling in 6™, sales professionals gain access to the content they need and want time-efficiently and cost-effectively…

  • No calendar coordination
  • No travel time or expense
  • No training venue, catering or audio-visual expenses
  • No lost time in the field

Selling in 6™ provides a rich “blended learning” experience featuring…

  • Hundreds of mobile-learning 6-minute lessons
  • NEW: An audio-only version of the lessons designed to maximize hands-free learning on the road
  • Ongoing access to monthly Mastermind Group coaching conference calls moderated by the creator and narrator of Selling in 6™, award-winning sales trainer and bestselling author, Mark Jewell
  • The Selling in 6™ Playbook, featuring all the slides as well as exercises, templates and other resources to support your learning as you view your lessons
  • An autographed copy of Mark’s Wall Street Journal best-selling book Selling Energy: Inspiring Ideas That Get More Projects Approved!
  • An audiobook version of Mark’s book narrated by the author himself, accessible in our LMS along with the Selling in 6™ content

And Selling in 6™ was designed with sales leaders in mind.  Imagine being able to…

  • Give your team access to more than 300 6-minute lessons, which is more content than that featured in Selling Energy’s weeklong, award-winning Sales Professional Boot Camp™
  • Use a “drip-irrigation” approach that maximizes comprehension, retention, and real-world application while eliminating any and all excuses for not doing sales training
  • Create and assign custom playlists of lessons that are appropriate for specialized audiences like customer service, field service, or marketing staff
  • Work with Selling Energy to incorporate your own custom content as bonus lessons throughout the program
  • Use highlights from lessons to guide discussions during sales meetings and one-on-one coaching
  • Know that your people are truly engaged, thanks to questions that check for understanding and encourage the viewer to apply each lesson
  • Receive viewing reports from our Learning Management System to verify learner engagement and justify the training investment to your leadership
  • Make Selling in 6™ part of your onboarding process for all new hires, ensuring that they become productive members of the team as quickly as possible
  • Take a handful of 6-minute lessons and embed them in an email nurturing campaign to your staff… or to champions within your prospects’ organizations to help them get more of your projects approved

Today’s professionals prefer to learn on their mobile devices, rather than being tied to a classroom, or even to their desks watching long videos.  As its logo proclaims, Selling in 6™ takes a “drip-irrigation” approach – delivering hundreds of award-winning, field-proven, revenue-building sales ideas at a pace that the learners themselves control.

Bulk Discounts: Group order discounted pricing is available. Contact us at info@sellingenergy.com or 415-814-3744 for more details and assistance placing your group order. Or, submit a request for more information about group discounts here, and we’ll follow up with you shortly.

Terms of use
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