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Selling in 6 Platinum:

The Platinum edition features more than 300 lessons, complete with questions and engagement challenges. The Platinum edition includes all 120 lessons from the Silver and Gold editions, plus 180 additional lessons featuring even more insights, strategies, tactics and tools you can use to become a true sales ninja in the energy space.  And the Platinum edition covers marketing as well as sales, making it even more comprehensive than Selling Energy’s weeklong Sales Professional Boot Camp™. 

With far more content than even a weeklong in-person Selling Energy Boot Camp™, Platinum includes fundamental, intermediate and advanced material.  This Edition is appropriate for energy professionals selling efficiency, electrification and other energy-related offerings. It also contains Residential content.

Why You Absolutely Need Selling in 6™…

Imagine being able to learn how to sell energy projects more effectively simply by viewing 6-minute lessons on your smartphone, tablet or any other internet-connected device.

Format: Online, on-demand streaming.
Length: Each training video is ~6 minutes long; over 300 lessons.
Subscription-based service: Selling in 6™ is offered as a single-user, full-year subscription, providing more than enough time to view and review all lessons. Renewal is also an option.

Segment Guides™:

A Segment Guides™ subscription provides one year of access to our Segment Guides™ online/on-demand research tool, one year of access to the webinar Introduction to Selling Efficiency with Segment-Specific Insights, PLUS all of the benefits of membership in the Selling Energy Mastermind Group. An annual license to access Segment Guides™ delivers industry-specific intelligence that helps reframe the benefits of energy projects so they can be measured using the yardsticks your prospects are already using to measure their own success. These insights can be leveraged to open new conversations with prospects or to revitalize stalled ones.

Connect the dots, capture your prospects’ attention, and focus on “why” they absolutely need what you’re selling by really doing your homework and taking a market segment-specific approach to sales. Focusing on the most promising prospects and presenting those targets with the most compelling value propositions are two hallmarks of sales professionalism. Selling Energy’s Segment Guides™ online research tool will give you a leg up on the market segments you’re targeting. You’ll learn each segment’s unique jargon and yardsticks, see sound bites documenting important non-utility-cost financial and non-financial benefits, discover more sources to explore for even deeper industry insights, and much more.

Format: Online, industry-specific digital knowledge database tool covering over 20 market segments.
Subscription-based service: Segment Guides™ is offered as a single-user, full-year subscription, providing more than enough time to view and review all Segments. Renewal is also an option.

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Terms & Conditions: 

In order to purchase this product, you must first agree to our Terms and Conditions. Please read the full text of this agreement here prior to purchasing this content. As additional industry Segment Guides™ are released, current subscribers will have immediate access to new content. Registration is for a license to use these materials on a PER-PERSON basis for one year. Access by unlicensed registrants is strictly prohibited.  As the licensed registrant for this training, you are accountable for any illegal distribution of course content including sharing your log-on information with others, group viewing, posting copies of this material on the Internet or on a company server or intranet, and any other form of unauthorized sharing.  If you need help registering other people for this course or using these training materials for your team, please email info@sellingenergy.com so that everyone may be properly registered. All training materials are covered by U.S. Copyright law and under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.