It is much easier to secure funding for a proposed energy-saving project if all of the associated costs and benefits are properly quantified and the resulting financial return is compelling.   In this fast-paced session, you’ll learn 3 key financial metrics you should be using to evaluate expense-reducing capital projects. You’ll also learn how to migrate the discussion away from metrics like Simple Payback Period that are popular but have many shortcomings. Finally, you’ll see these principles properly applied using Selling Energy’s acclaimed one-page financial analysis template.

Training outline:

  • Overview of key financial metrics
  • Shortcomings of Simple Payback Period
  • How to migrate the discussion beyond SPP to metrics that capture the full value of your project
  • Case study using Selling Energy’s acclaimed one-page financial analysis template.

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FREE for current Selling in 6™ Members. If you are a Selling in 6™ Member, please email info@sellingenergy.com for complimentary access.

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  • Access to the recorded version for 30 days.
  • A copy of Selling Energy’s One Page Financial Analysis Excel Template.
  • Ongoing invitations to live monthly Mastermind Group Coaching Calls with Mark Jewell to support your continued success.

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