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#1 Amazon – Green Business

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“If you want to sharpen your presentation skills, communicate more effectively, present better financial metrics for your projects, and close more deals, you need to buy and read this book!  Mark’s passion for his work and the way he cares about people are remarkable.”  – Randy Mead

“Good salesmanship is vital to advancing efficiency practices, technologies, policies, and markets.  This book provides a great compendium of valuable insights and tested techniques to help us succeed when selling energy efficiency.” – Rafael Friedmann, Sustainable Energy Expert

“In my 22 years as an energy professional, the training material that Mark Jewell provides is by far the best that I have ever encountered. He delivers comprehensive sales training that gets the desired results. Mark is a rare gift enjoyed by anyone that benefits from high-performance selling.  He is an expert in a variety of areas including creating a value proposition, building strategic partnerships, energy-efficiency sales, communication strategies, and my favorite — the one-page proposal. As a result of consistently applying Mark’s material over several years, my career has dramatically taken off. I will forever be grateful for the wealth of knowledge that Mark Jewell has shared.  In a world of ‘too much sizzle and not enough steak,’ Mark Jewell is the prime cut.” – Andre Christian, President, Interstate Energy Consulting, Inc.

“Mark shares his knowledge and field-tested sales techniques to get customers to adopt energy efficiency. A must read for anybody who wants to promote energy efficiency practices, technologies, policies and markets.” – Rafael Friedmann

“Mark and his team at Selling Energy and the Selling Energy Blog are adding tangible value at the crossroads where buyers and sales professionals intersect. When relationships are formed usings the concepts and tools they recommend, buyers get more relevant business impact and sellers get more respect.” – Ryan Eckert, Business Development Leader, Ingersoll Rand