Selling Energy Mastermind Group

We offer more than courses. We provide a community.

The Selling Energy Mastermind Group is available free to all Selling Energy training alumni, providing a forum that like-minded professionals can leverage to ensure that they properly apply what they learn from our courses and segment-specific research. Selling Energy’s Mastermind Group Coaching Calls are an indispensable ingredient in your own professional development.  Participate in ongoing monthly coaching to fine-tune your understanding of the strategies and tactics taught, have your own questions addressed, and hear other sales professionals share their challenges and successes. Imagine how valuable it will be to have two hours of coaching time every month, moderated by Selling Energy’s award-winning sales trainer and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Mark Jewell.  Our coaching calls are always recorded and a monthly summary of the prior month’s call is emailed out, so you can always benefit from the calls regardless of your professional schedule.

Selling Energy Mastermind Group

The Selling Energy Mastermind Group comprises three support areas:

  1. Participation in monthly Q&A coaching conference calls with Mark Jewell, and access to call recordings.
  2. Monthly coaching call highlight emails featuring call summaries and referenced resources
  3. Drip-irrigation content reinforcement

Mastermind Group Benefits

Mutual Support & Feedback. Your fellow Selling Energy Mastermind Group members can be your best source of advice, answers, and ideas. They can offer unique and relevant perspectives on where you should take your business, and what the next steps will likely be when you get there. You will learn from others who have encountered similar challenges and get feedback on your ideas/projects/materials, large and small.

Collaboration & Networking. The Selling Energy Mastermind Group allows you to collaborate on actual projects as well as ideas. You may find potential partners who have already completed Selling Energy’s foundational training, and have self-selected themselves as motivated and driven sales professionals who want to continue growing. The more you expand your network, the more doors open up for you. Our Mastermind Group members are very diversified, and possess plenty of technical knowledge, success strategies and tactics to share.

Accountability.  Over the years, we have realized that our most successful graduates are those who have a support system in place to keep them accountable.  These regularly scheduled coaching calls can help you continue advancing towards your goals.

Coaching Call Format

Mastermind Coaching Calls are 2-hour conference calls led by Mark Jewell. Members submit questions ahead of time and Mark responds to them live, as well as to any follow-up questions that arise. Calls are held monthly, and alumni receive access to both the current recorded call and all historical calls. (Mastermind Group call recordings can be located by logging into and then clicking View My Online Courses.) Members can choose to remain anonymous during the calls, or interact openly with the rest of the group.

Typical topics include:

  • Follow-up questions on concepts covered in our trainings
  • Insights on overcoming objections
  • Descriptions of non-utility-cost and non-financial benefits, delineated by market segment
  • Review of financial analyses
  • Feedback on proposals and marketing materials
  • Elevator pitch practice
  • And much more!


All Selling Energy alumni receive an email invitation to join the call every month. When you RSVP, follow the instructions provided to submit your questions for Mark to cover during the call. Or, email your questions to us at We’ll see to it that Mark receives your submission. You can hear your answer live, or via the call recording, whichever is most convenient for you.

If you have questions, need assistance, or are not receiving your invitation emails, please contact us at 415-814-3744 or