Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to several FAQs below. If you still need help, feel free to reach out to us at or 415-814-3744 for assistance. We welcome your questions and feedback. Selling Energy is here to help!

FAQs – How can I Access my Online Training?

Users with a login and password to can also access our Online Training Academy (or LMS, Learning Management System), where our training videos reside. To enter the LMS, log into, then click “View My Online Courses” in the top toolbar. From there click “My Courses” to view a list of online training content in your account. Step by step directions can be found here. Please note, an individual must have purchased an annual license to one of our online training courses in the past before seeing any online training content in their LMS account.

FAQs – How can I Access the Segment Guides?

Users who have purchased a Gold Membership have automatic access to the Segment Guides. Simply log on to to be taken directly to the Segment Guides product. Complete directions can be found here.

FAQs – I have a question to ask Mark Jewell. How can I reach him?

Mark loves to interact with his past students and is passionate about helping our students succeed. If you have an elevator pitch or one-page proposal you would like Mark to review, or are experiencing difficulty connecting with a prospect, please consider submitting your issue for Mark to go over live on his monthly Mastermind Group Coaching Call. During the call, Mark will review your proposal or suggest techniques to successfully connect with that difficult to reach prospect not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of your peers on the call. If you are having this issue, it’s very likely that others are having it too, so please consider reaching out to Mark via the Mastermind Group RSVP form. Alternately, please reach out to us at to submit your question or issue, letting us know if Mark may address your concern during the next monthly call, or if you would prefer that we send Mark your question directly. Please keep in mind that due to Mark’s busy travel and training schedule, his response may be delayed. If you aren’t able to join the call live, you can retrieve your answers from the Mastermind Group call recordings found in your Online Training (LMS) account.

FAQs – What is a Single-User license?

All of our offerings are specified as strictly for individual use only. As such, sharing of login credentials with another user is prohibited by our Terms of Service. If you are interested in accessing our content for group or team viewing, please contact us at or 415-814-3744. We will be happy to help you get everyone properly registered.

FAQs – I accidentally unsubscribed to the Selling Energy Blog. How can I resubscribe?

If you opted out of receiving our email communications by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of our blog emails, you will no longer receive any correspondence from us. As such, we will be unable to send you invitations to Mastermind Group Coaching Calls, post-training follow-up emails with instructions for accessing headshots taken during training events, etc. To opt back in to receiving email correspondence from us, visit this page, and enter your email address. Look for directions to pop up below the email field. You’ll be prompted to send yourself an “opt back in” email. Check your inbox and follow the directions enclosed – from there you’ll be able to reset your subscription preferences. If you need help, just contact us!

FAQs – I used to receive the Selling Energy Blog, but I haven’t received it lately. Is something wrong?

Assuming you haven’t opted out of receiving emails from Selling Energy, (see the previous FAQ), it’s possible that you aren’t receiving our blog due to low engagement with us. In an effort not to send out unwanted emails, our email management system stops sending correspondence if the reader hasn’t opened our emails recently. In order to address this issue, please open an older email from us and click on a link or an image in the email. That will signal our system to count you as re-engaged. Alternately, you can re-submit a blog subscription request here. Remember to add Selling Energy to your safe senders list, so your email manager won’t accidentally direct our communications to a junk folder.

FAQs – How do I add Selling Energy to my Safe Senders list?

To ensure that our communications reach your inbox, please:

  • Add to the address book within your email client. Each email client has different steps for indicating that a contact is a “safe sender.” Here are the steps for those using Outlook. If you need help with other systems, please reach out to us!
  • Ask the IT Team at the company you work for to whitelist our domain,
  • Open emails from Selling Energy and click links. If you continue to open and click our emails, your email client will “learn” that you consider us a safe sender.
  • If you see any of our emails in your Spam folder, move them back into your Inbox. This will “teach” your email client where to route our correspondence in the future.

FAQs – I attended a Selling Energy training and I had a professional headshot taken. How can I get access to my photo?

A week or so after all trainings where headshots are taken, we send each attendee an email with a Dropbox link containing their individual headshots. Maybe you did not receive this email because you just missed seeing it, but it’s possible that you accidentally unsubscribed, or that our emails are being routed to “junk” by your email client. (See FAQs above to solve these problems.) Whatever the reason, we can help. Write to, tell us when and where the training took place, and request that we resend you your headshot. We’ll be glad to send out your headshot again!

FAQs – Need help with something else?

If you have different question, just reach out to us at or 415-814-3744 and we’ll be happy to assist you!