About this letter: I hear from many sales professionals that they need to convince their leadership to invest in our training. The following language may be helpful in such a campaign.  You may download this template and feel free to use any or all of this verbiage in your own correspondence to your leadership. You’ll want to verify that the hyperlinks are preserved if you choose to include them when making your case. Cheers! MTJ

Convince Your Boss letter template

Sample Letter:



Re: Energy-solutions-focused professional sales training

Given that our success as a company depends on our ability to sell our offerings effectively, I’m respectfully requesting that we invest in award-winning sales training that is geared specifically to our industry.  Doing so will increase the number of proposals we win; motivate and nurture our existing sales team so they can not only make quota but also set higher sales goals; and, ensure that any new hires will start contributing to revenue growth sooner.

The program I am suggesting we invest in is called Selling in 6™, a mobile-learning version of Selling Energy’s award-winning energy-focused sales training that delivers hundreds of six-minute lessons that can be viewed on a smartphone or any other internet-connected device. 

A recent trade journal review of Selling in 6™ called it a “sales manager’s dream” for several reasons.  Unlike in-person sales trainings, there’s no need for calendar coordination; no venue, catering or AV; and, no missed selling time in the field.  Each learner can proceed at his/her own pace, searching for and revisiting six-minute lessons as needed.  Questions following the lessons ensure that folks are engaged and thinking about how to apply what they just learned.  You get weekly lesson viewing reports.  And any license that is assigned to a salesperson but not accessed within a certain period of time can be reassigned to someone else at no cost.

As you may already know, Mark Jewell, the co-creator of Selling in 6™ is an award-winning sales trainer and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.  His company, Selling Energy, was ranked by Selling Power magazine as one of the top 20 sales training companies in the country.  Mark has influenced energy decisions across 3 billion square feet of real estate over 27 years. These days he specializes in teaching people like us how to sell energy solutions using what he’s learned.  His program is totally different from Miller-Heiman, SPIN, Challenger Selling, Sandler, etc.

Thousands of energy professionals – including many we compete against – have already learned how to sell more by using one-page narrative proposals and all of the other tips/tricks that Mark teaches.  His graduates give ample proof that the training works (see “Testimonials”).

Bottom line, if we don’t invest in this training, we’re going to wind up paying for it anyway in the form of lost sales and margins.  In fact, given our average deal size and margin percentage, even one incremental sale made as a result of this training might recoup the whole sales team’s tuition!  Selling Energy’s Sales Training Benefits Calculator is a real eye-opener (see it here).

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.