AESP Selling Energy Training Partnership

We have exciting news to share! Selling Energy has partnered with AESP to offer our training courses directly to its member base through the AESP learning platform. 

The press release launching our partnership and the article on page 36 of the most recent issue of AESP Energy Intel magazine provide all of the details!

In a nutshell, you can now access our award-winning energy-focused sales courses directly through AESP’s own training platform, and be awarded CEUs, PDHs, or purchase our courses using points. We are grateful to AESP for their partnership!

Who is Mark Jewell, and why is this training partnership so vital? Mark Jewell is the President and co-founder of Selling Energy. He teaches other professionals and organizations how to turbocharge their sales success. Mark is a subject matter expert, coach, speaker and best-selling author focused on overcoming barriers to implementing projects. He is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and two-time Stevie Award winner for Sales Trainer or Education Leader of the Year. His company, Selling Energy, has appeared on Selling Power magazine’s list of Top 20 Sales Training Firms. More than 100 North American utilities have already benefited from studying the principles, strategies and tactics that Selling Energy has assembled to advance energy-efficiency, renewable energy, demand response, beneficial electrification, and other energy solution-focused programing. Audiences have included utility staff, program managers, contractors, regulators, Trade Allies, and other energy-related professionals. Post-training testimonials have proven that applying these concepts drives program participation and helps program sponsors meet or exceed their goals.

“Selling Energy is the ideal partner to help AESP and its members transform their customer engagement capabilities and strategies and adapt to new market dynamics,” said Jen Szaro, AESP President & CEO. “An evolving grid demands an evolving workforce, and this training partnership will help us meet tomorrow’s needs.”

Mark was at AESP Summer Con 2022 in Philadelphia this summer to celebrate our new partnership with the AESP Institute. As an event sponsor, Selling Energy gave every conference registrant a complimentary copy of his Wall Street Journal bestselling book.

Mark’s thoughts for those receiving his book…

You may not think of yourself as being in sales, yet many energy professionals are actually “accidental salespeople.”

“Accidental salespeople” never planned a career in sales. They work in program design, account management, customer service, or engineering… all job titles that don’t include “sales.”

Yet their success and the success of their program, their organization, and their customer all depend on their ability to attract their customers’ attention… and to be persuasive once they do. I’ve taught over 11,000 energy professionals how to sell. Most are accidental salespeople.

Perhaps your role really doesn’t involve sales at all. But how many of your colleagues spend their time persuading others to embrace energy solutions? Program managers, account reps, marketing professionals, trade allies… They could all benefit from reading my book. With more than 80 insights on how to get more projects approved, I bet they’ll find several themes that resonate, which they could start applying today.

By the way, if you have multiple colleagues who could benefit from reading my book, we’ll be glad to send out more free copies. Just visit and submit a request.

Mark enjoyed connecting with conference attendees while he was in Philly where he was born and raised, but he didn’t have time to meet with as many people as he would have liked to. Whether you were at the conference or not, he would be pleased to learn about your professional goals and explore how Selling Energy could help you meet them. Perhaps your organization could leverage Selling Energy keynotes, live/virtual trainings, in-person trainings, one-on-one coaching, or a custom solution, specifically designed to make your staff, trade allies, and customers more successful.

Feel free to reach out to Mark by just calling/texting him at 415-810-3711. You could also put an appointment directly onto his calendar to schedule a time to chat.

To be kept up-to-date about enrolling in Selling Energy’s training courses via the AESP Institute’s training platform, please fill out the Selling Energy / AESP Partnership Interest Form below.

Cheers to your success!

Mark Jewell and the Selling Energy Team