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"If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got."
Jack Canfield

Many people think sales people are born and not made. We believe that given proper training and support, the accidental sales person can improve their sales skills, and career sales people can become leading Sales Professionals.

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Whether we sell products, services, or programs, we all need regular doses of inspiration, motivation, and tips to keep us trekking. The Selling Energy Blog is your daily “drip-irrigation” reinforcement. Each day you’ll get bits of wisdom, news, highlights of upcoming courses, and quotes to keep you inspired and motivated.


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"Mark's crisp, clear and concise daily 'drip irrigation' has enabled my company to consistently win projects against lower-priced, better established companies with deeper pockets. If your company wants to be more competitive, profitable and valuable, leveraging Mark's expertise is the fastest way to shine through the fog of 'business as usual' in the energy industry."
Nichole Edraos

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Getting Past the Receptionist

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Become Your Best Self

"Your ultimate goal in life is to become your best self.
Your immediate goal is to get on the path that will lead you there."
David Viscott


Perform in ways that achieve results and merit emulation


Gain insights, focus, and skills you need to grow your market share, revenues, and profitability


Shorten your sales cycles and increase your closing ratios for your projects


Understand what factors play a role in the decision-making process and know how to build rapport with key stakeholders to increase your odds of success


Learn to sell all of the benefits of enhanced efficiency (utility cost, non-utility-cost financial, and non-financial)


Find the highest-value targets and capture their attention


Map the decision-making chain and skillfully assess motivations


Concisely communicate value and artfully blend emotion and logic to neutralize objections


Replace myths with math and escape the clutches of simple payback period


"The best way to prosper yourself is to prosper others."
Walter Jewell





"Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do."
Jeff Olson

The charge Mark Jewell is leading through the energy community will be looked back on as the catalyst that matured our industry. He is training an army of savvy energy professionals equipped to take our sector to the next level. Mr. Jewell's Efficiency Sales Professional (ESP) Program has redirected my company's vantage point of efficiency sales, customer relations, and market development. We are forever grateful to Mr. Jewell for his wisdom and wit.

Kirk Story
Kirk Story
Stockman's Energy Inc.

The ESP sales training showed me that Energy Efficiency Ninjas can quickly assess a building's energy profile to show owners and managers how enormous value can be added to their facility through energy efficiency and productivity gains. This workshop helped me understand the process of selling energy efficiency.

rob kinslow
Rob Kinslow
Sustainability Association of Hawaii

The entire content is a roadmap to success! The best part is knowing that it does NOT end today and that we have all of these resources to access. This will continue to reinforce all the great tips, actions, and changes through drip irrigation.

michael hedge
Michael Hedge
Energy Reducers LLC

Yesterday I coached one of my Account Managers about a proposal he was nearly ready to present. He was working on a proposal with an 8-month payback with no other benefits other than the energy savings. Based on the ESP content, I was able to get him to include non-financial benefits as well as include higher-cost (higher-value) options. It worked. His proposal was accepted and the customer had a much better sense of ‘the deal’ he was getting.

mark larson
Mark Larson


Get daily “drip-irrigation” reinforcement. Each day you’ll get bits of wisdom, news, highlights of upcoming courses, and quotes to keep you inspired and motivated.


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